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Throwback Hair Fashions 90s-00’s

If you were alive and kicking in the nineties or naughties, there’s a good chance you were witness [or victim] to a garish, over-gelled hair style. For those that view the look as more than an embarrassing fad, the good news is throwback hair styles have never been more popular. In fact, over-sized scrunchies and questionable fades are now acceptable again.

With nineties influenced music making a huge comeback into the charts, naturally the nostalgic fashion trends from that time have returned; and just as we were starting to turn into adults as well. Whether channelling Nick Carter with curtains, rocking tribal fades in the hair or just-style Bjork bobbles, you can bet your bottom dollar you’re probably reliving your youth and channelling it through your bonnet. Chances are, you’ve never been happier.

Going back to the our school days, boys had the Tweety Pie fades to match the Iceberg tracksuit with a slash through the eyebrow to certify that they were about that Rubicon life. Girls wore over-sized hair clips and bobbles with an unnecessary amount of that blue Superdrug gel to flatten down any baby hairs. There was always that girl with the constant fringe, because underneath it was a whole load of adolescent skin problems. These time consuming hair styles are now being relived in fashion and music, except this time they’re being done by experts, not by Keisha in the lunch room.

Flying the flag for nineties inspired hairstyles is the heiress FKA Twigs who’s never seen without some kind of beautiful tailoring atop her cranium. The china bumps, kiss curls and infinite plaits combine to form a beautiful piece of art, which complements the beautiful sounds she makes on her album, ‘LP1’.

UK brands such as MEAT clothing are also going full throttle in the throwback department with all things sexy-cyber-slut, regenerating the naughties theme and taking it to another other galaxy. Nasir Mazhar is also flying the flag high with his latest A/W 14 women’s collection, looking like The Fifth Element meets every J’Lo music video circa 2002.

There are also now a range of salons riding the throw back wave which will have you looking like an ’02 Mutya Buena in no time. Salons such as Bleach London & Keash Braids* (see bottom) can equip you with that nineties grunge look you’ve always been wanting, while nail salons such as Needles and Nails in Brighton can give you both Burberry-esque tips and a new knuckle tattoo in one stop.

With artists and stylists from the US and UK showing true love towards this hair revival, classic nineties imagery is turning into something contemporary and experimental. Stylists such as London’s Rhiannon Barry who created Ninety FLY, drips her models in pure nineties Moschino, Chanel and Versace and has worked on artists such as M.I.A and Elli Ingram. US artist Kristofferson San Pablo is also a MUST. His watercolours and illustrations revive well known old school icons like Cam’ron and The Simpsons making great contemporary art with a nostalgic twist.

The Diplomats (No. 4). 2012. Watercolour on paper. 20 x 24 by Kristofferson San Pablo

Whether or not this throwback moment is just a phase, it’s safe to say that it’s all a bit of harmless fun. Don’t take it too seriously, or it’s only a matter of time before your Nike sandals and bobbles start to become your staple look and twenty years go by without you realising all your friends have moved out of Dalston and you’re that weird old person who goes to Birthdays alone every Friday.

Personally I think it’s great that the old school vibes has re-opened the gates for the menacing sounds of old East Coast rap and given us back our summertime West Coast vibes. It’s brought forward a new wave of young free thinkers and has allowed rap to evolve and extend into new futuristic sub-genres such as trap and cloud rap. If it wasn’t for the throwback theme, we might not of been able to witness artists such as Joey Bada$$ come through plus new and enchanting vocals from the likes of Spooky Black, Denzel Curry and the angelic sounds of Phlo Finister and Grimes.

The throwback theme in music has undoubtedly influenced the recent hair trends, showing once again how the fashion and music industries feed off one another. But things must always evolve. A revival from our past allows us to build upon something we might not of recognised as brilliant before and create it into something new and something to call our own.

If this article is all you and you can’t get enough of braids and kiss curls, then why not visit Keash Braids. They currently have a pop up stores in London and even have How To videos up on their site!

*Main & below image from taken from Keash Braids.


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