Behind The Door – Children Of Hoarders

Compulsive hoarding also known as hoarding disorder is a disease that affects between 2-6% of adults in today’s world. Although unusually unseen, hoarding is highly common in the UK with a potential 1.2 million people in the UK suffering with the disorder. Compulsive hoarders will lose the desire to throw away mundane objects such as newspapers and packaging. In severe cases, houses belonging to hoarders may become a fire and health hazard due to blocked entrances and blocks of stacked papers, which is a problem that has become increasingly worrying to fire-fighters who have had to deal with the increase of fires within the homes of hoarders.

Behind The Door is a series of photographs shot by American photographer Geoff Johnson who grew up a child of a hoarder himself. He has captured the everyday life for the children of hoarders, creating some stunning and thought evoking imagery. Take a look below.


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