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Top Mystery, Crime & Thriller Books

Don’t you love the feeling when you finish a good book? The feeling of completion and complete understanding. This feeling is usually followed by emptiness as you stare at the front cover with the daunting thought that you’ll never get to re-live those moments again in the same way. The book can not be un-read and read again and so the only way of gaining satisfaction from your beloved is by sharing it with others so you can watch them get the feels. Well anyway, I want you to get the feels so I have shared with you 4 of the best mystery thrillers I have ready in the past six months. Each one laced with drama and addictive plot lines, these books are real page turners for those that love a little bit of dark in the life.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
If you haven’t already seen the film released late last year starring Ben Aflek, then I’ve caught you just in time. I read this book before seeing the film and I’m glad you did as the feature leaves out quite a bit. Nonetheless the story is pretty much the same and features a very interesting first person layout throughout the book from both main characters. The book is about a married couple and who they both really are as individuals. The story takes a turn when Nick (the husband) is given a treasure hunt by his missing wife which leads to his and everyone else’s lives being turned upside down. Prepare to be mind fucked, that’s all I’m saying.

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

At first I thought this book was quite heavy on the Mi6 and national security stuff. I wasn’t sure if it was more for the James Bond readers than the curious, but then BOOM it hit me. Things start to make more sense and you begin your journey. The book features some very interesting and current topics such as terrorism, feminism and religious beliefs, and leaves you feeling like you’ve learnt a damn lot. Based between the US and Turkey, this book travels to many real places one may never get to visit and follows the journey of a former intelligence agent who has been sent to unveil a plan of mass destruction with the cost of his life. The book can be graphic but strikingly beautiful in it’s descriptions and leaves you feeling emotionally charged at it’s ending. This book is for people who want to be taking on a journey.

The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair by Joel Dicker
Out of the four books here, this one paints the most beautiful imagery in your head. No surprise that the novel has plans to be turned into a film in the near future either. With stunningly natural scenes and clean cut human emotions based in the quieter parts of America in the 1970’s, I can already imagine the feature taking on a similar style to films such as Drive or A Place Beyond The Pines. It’s a story of forbidden love that comes to a chilling end, and the quest to solve the death of a young girl who lives in small village where everyone knows everyone. This book has some disturbing and chilling chapters that will leave you page turning through a majority of the book.

Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins Only released January this year, this is a great book for anyone who is literally a girl on a train. It’s a great read for the commute that will set your imagination bouncing off the walls. A story with a dramatic ending, the book will have you hooked to read more after every short chapter. The story is written from the eyes of a female commuter and the shocking events that unfold in front of her from her view out the train window. She becomes obsessed with what she has seen and takes it upon herself; welcomed or not, to investigate what happened to the missing woman in the garden just off the tracks. This is a highly dramatic book and a complete page turner, a book you’ll find you finish quicker than you’d like.


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