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‘Sundays’ A Beautiful Short Film About The End Of The World

Do you ever think about how the worlds going to end? Is it going to be flesh eating zombies running around Oxford Circus or a crazy dictator releasing his weapons of mass destruction that’s going to end us all? Research by Channel 4 estimates that over $2 million a year is spent on scientific research into aliens and extra terrestrial beings and that there are over million UFO sightings since 214BC. Professor Stephen Hawkings who states “It seems likely that we will have super intelligence before the end of the century”, reckons A.I. will be the end of humanity.

Or could it be a Bio-Terror to wipe us out? Just 1 gram of Ricin can cause over 5000 deaths and 1 gram inhalation of anthrax is enough to potentially cause 20-100 million deaths! Whatever the final chapter be whether it’s nuclear war, climate change, nuclear accidents, asteroids, AI or a pandemic, one likelihood that seems somewhat finalised is death by sun. In about 6 billion years the sun will expand to 250 times it’s current size and scientists most recent study has found that the final days of life on Earth will come some 2.8 billion years from now. Scary stuff hey?

The end of the world as daunting and final as it seems, will be the second biggest thing to of ever happened in humanity’s existence; of course after the makings of the earth. It will be a day like no other, and the time leading up to that is only something we can imagine through film. Will we go out screaming and shouting in fear, or will it be somewhat of a spiritual gathering, finally uniting the people of Earth as one family?

Sundays is a short sci-fi film directed by filmmaker Mischa Rozema. Based in Mexico City sometime in the future that deals with one mans and his memories of the end of the world. This is an absolutely beautiful yet dark film which was funded via Kickstarter and is a proof-of-concept for a feature film set to be released by Warner Bros. Click the Vimeo below to watch the 15 min film.


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